Monday, April 30, 2012

Create tile image for your game using python script

What is tile image?
Tile image is a method of storing a sequence of images placed in a single image file.
These images are then processed according to user needs.
Here's an example below:
How we can create these images?
We can use graphics editing software to create them separately.
I used Blender 3D to create separate images.
A tutorial how to do this can be found here on section Blender 3D.
After I rendered images separately and named: 0000.png , 0001.png , 0002.png , 0003.png
I created a python script to put in an tile image, see below:
import os
import PIL
from PIL import Image
from PIL import ImageDraw"RGBA",(192,48))
d= ImageDraw.Draw(o)
for pic in range(0,4):
The script reads the image files of size 48 pixels and puts them into one image called out.png

Resize screenshot with PIL python module .

The script that I've created is made ​​to shrink images. Some screenshots are large and should be resized to be used later on the Internet. It is a simple example that uses PIL module. This script reads the image name that I want to resize and filename that will be saved image. I use python PIL functions how to create a new image.
This python script read the name of image and will create a new image with the given width and height.

$ python 
filename input image:test.png
filename output image:test-out.jpg
import os 
import sys
from PIL import Image 
from PIL import ImageDraw
filnaminp=raw_input("filename input image:")
filnamout=raw_input("filename output image:")